A Run A Day For Inspiration

Most of us run to stay physically healthy. With most daily schedules having to do with sitting for hours on end; a daily run can actually do wonders for your health and even help clear your mind. If you’re a runner you might have figured out that running can be a splendid time to let your thoughts wander and explore ideas.

Writers and creative types leverage on running as a method to release stress. They often come up with some of their best ideas while doing so  and then do some of their best work right afterwards to capture their thoughts. Usually this essential creative boost on the brain lasts for about two hours after any vigorous physical activity.

Complete immersion in a physical activity leads to an effortless flow of ideas — your brain is well oxygenated, making this a perfect time to let your ideas incubate and grow to become inspiring works of writing, design or anything else that gets your motor running.

Besides that any vigorous cardiovascular activity stimulates the creation of new nerve cells and blood vessels within the brain; helping your brain age better and boosting your ability to learn and recall information.

It might be the endorphins talking but running always makes me feel good and pleasant. Well it’s exactly that actually — exercise releases and retains these ‘feel-good chemicals’ which are mainly the mood-boosting neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine. Which simply put; can and will make you happier.

If you don’t take my word for it try for yourself. Run a day for inspiration and feel your creative juices flowing immediately afterwards! What have you got to loose?

Featured image by Nathan Rupe

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