Become a Growth Hacker in 5 minutes

Think like a scientist *and work like a *hacker. *You’ll be growth hacking in no time!*

Growth hacking is a form of non-traditional marketing used to boost business growth over a short period of time. By non-traditional of course I mean a unique technique; suited specifically to the given business — a good example will clear all doubt:

AirBnD lets anyone convert their extra-bedroom to a hotel room and rent it out to the perfect guests. They quickly acquired a large user-base by figuring out a hack (because they didn’t got through any official API) to allow users to directly post their listings onto Craigslist. Thereby not only did they make a convenient feature for the users — but also lead direct traffic onto their website through Craigslist.

Becoming a growth hacker is essentially a form of hacking — finding unorthodox-ed solutions and pushing the boundaries of marketing for accelerated growth.

And it’s a concept *you can apply to almost any business. You just need a bit of luck, think like a *scientist, and work like a hacker!

You might have noticed that I wrote ‘concept’. That’s because there is no step-by-step process to direct-growth-hacking. For AirB&B it was a neat little hack and for Dropbox it was giving away free storage for referring friends. Each scenario is different. The only thing you could possibly do is identify the one thing that will boosts your conversion rate, and then hack your way towards making it go viral.

I also said ‘think like a scientist’. That’s because good analysts make good growth hackers. First you make a hypothesis, which could be something like “What if we put a sign-up form directly on the homepage? Will it improve the number of signups?”, then you implement the idea on your website along with the necessary analytic tools to measure the improvement.

Then you sit and wait for an appropriate period of time.

Next you analyse the data. Did it really improve the conversion rate? If so by how much?

If it did, you make the feature a permanent part of your product and move onto the next thing. If not you get rid of it, tweak it or replace it with a whole new idea and re-test.

Now this process does take time to prove itself, but you need to remember that these small improvements keep adding up!

Seriously. That’s it!?


The *awesome *type of growth hacking is way cooler! And getting there takes some amount of creativity and ingenuity. When you continue to improve on your product based on the process we laid out above you are bound to sprout ideas that are a little bit more GENIUS.

Like how:

AirBnB wanted to let their users post automatically to Craigslist even with the lack of any official API to do it.


Google launching Gmail with an element of exclusivity. Making early adopters feel like VIPs — which soon got friends and family hounding for invites from them!


Pinterest using ‘infinite scrolling’ pages to keep users glued to the platform — reducing the chances of people getting bored and increasing the likelihood of them finding what they need and sharing it!


How YouTube famously made use of loose DMCA laws that allowed it to play (what some would say) were copyrighted material. Frustrated users quickly switched platforms to upload their videos and drove their traffic to YouTube!

The examples and possibilities are endless.

The truth is I can’t give you any specific ‘ideas’ for this type of exponential growth. Like I said earlier it needs to be tailored to your products/business.

Following the slower growth hacking process we outlined before; the chances of you coming across this one genius hack would be exponentially higher!

Once you figure out a neat little feature, bonus or whatever it might be that will get users to instantly love and share your product, double down on it and you’re ready to reap the full benefits of genius growth hacking!

So to recap:

  1. Hypothesize! ( Think up great new ideas.)
  2. Analyze everything! Find out what works and what doesn’t.
  3. Repeat until you come across that one genius hack!
  4. Double down on it and make it go viral!

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Become a Growth Hacker in 5 minutes

The aim of this article was to teach you the concept of growth hacking in less than 5 minutes. If you think I did a good job please don’t forget to hit the recommend button!

Happy Growth Hacking Folks!

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