Google Soli: The future of tech actually 'feels' awesome!

There are a million reasons to love technologies of the future! Going from gaming on virtual reality headsets to relaxing in a driver-less car; they can easily bring to life scenes straight out of sci-fi movies!

But today I’m most excited about the new possibilities that a relatively smaller but revolutionary project by Google might bring to the table. This project is one of the many that Google’s Advanced Technology And Projects (ATAP) group has been working and to put it in simple words imagine being able to control things with touch without having to actually touch them.

Like so:



They call it Project Soli, and what it does is use radars to track the incredibly fine motions of your hand and fingers. The most fascinating thing about this project is that this interface could be built into so many different products — the possibilities would truly be endless.

Now I do know that companies like Leap Motion, have in the past developed motion controllers such as this; but none of them have been able to scale it down to the point where the technology was small enough and accurate enough to be built into a whole range of consumer products from wrist watches to radios and microwaves to toasters — you could really do something cool with it!

Find out more on this video by Google ATAP:

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