Companies and Projects

Some key achievements and things I care enough to work for on a daily basis.

Tidl Inc. –

Founder and CEO. We're creating a next-generation hiring platform focused around a new type of resume. You'll see me writing about this frequently.


A collaborative learning platform by Tidl Inc. Creator, designer, developer. Launched with over 1000 upvotes on Product Hunt

Fero analytics–

A super awesome analytics service I co-founded with Nick.

Yugo Ridesharing–

A Facebook rideshare management tool created and launched in 48 hours.

Darwin –

Open-Source active learning tool. A simple project I design, developed and launched to assist with active learning.

Particularly proud of this being a project that went from idea to development and fully launched product in 36 hours.

Designn (2011-16) –

My first big project. A print and online art & design magazine I founded at the age of 15 and ran as the managing editor for 5 years 9 months. A lot of what I know about design, branding and art comes thanks to this amazing project.

Designn is now run by the very capable friends at First Taste Multimedia, LLC.

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