When was the last time you did something for the first time?

For some, the act of creating is an adrenaline-rushing, pumped-up experience. For others it might feel daunting, bring to mind endless arrays of what-ifs.

What if this doesn’t work out?
What if it fails completely?
Will it be a complete waste of my time?
What will people think!?

While these are important questions to ask yourself, you’ll never know for sure by not doing anything.

90% of startups end up failing, and 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months. But somewhere among those daunting stats are the success stories we all hear about. [Source]

One of the main reasons I try out new ventures (which is what I like to do) is because if I don’t follow my dreams someone else will certainly hire me to build theirs (and I like my dreams far too much to give them up that easily).

Whether it’s about starting a blog to share your insane passions, trying your hand at painting, building that app you always thought would be a hit, starting a YouTube channel or starting a business. It’s all about taking a shot and working it out from there. The chances are once you start you will find ways to do the things that you previously thought were impossible.

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.”

Elon MusK

I know this personally because I’ve successfully created (and learned!) a countless number of things (products and such) which I would for sure have thought were impossible at my capacity maybe three or even one month earlier!

Today most resources including learning materials and tools are just a click away; it’s only a questions of whether you’re willing to put the hours into it. Even if you’re a college student with a full load of courses or someone with a 9-5 job, you still could follow that passion if you really wanted to.

It’s perfectly ok to fail. It’s never ok to not give it a shot.


One of the biggest troubles people run into when they want to do something new is a lack of free time, and that’s all a question of how productive you’re being.

There will ALWAYS be time to squeeze your new project in; it can be that spare hour between classes that you idle by, or just an extra hour before you go to sleep. (Yes sleep is important! And I’d love to sleep all day. But really who has the time!?)

If your day is hectic go with big-picture goals. Set these goals for the coming week, month or quarter and then squeeze time in whenever possible to achieving that goal in-between.

More often than not working on many things at once might suddenly overwhelm you. The trick is to be at the moment. Do what you have to do now and worry about the next thing after. Worrying about everything you have to get done in the day, week or month all at once is a productivity killer and can even have a negative effect your mood.

Learn to say NO. Of course every now and then you could make an exception – but don’t dedicate time to things that are less important than what you’re doing right now. Most of us waste a lot of time doing things that aren’t really important; figure them out and cross them off. A good question to ask yourself each time is ‘how will doing this support any of my big-picture goals?’

Truth be told we all tend to lose touch with our inner passions as we get busy and transition into new lifestyles or even just grow older. Do you know your true self? Are you doing what you really want in life? The circumstances might be making you substitute exactly what you want with what youneed*. *So plug those passions in whenever you can, do something new every day.

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